Got Gutter Guards? If Not, Here’s Why You Should Consider Getting Some

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Living with clogged gutters is really no way to live. So many things can go wrong when your gutters aren’t clear to drain properly, and no one wants to clean gunked-up gutters. We wanted to let you know there is a solution that will vastly minimize the potential problems and cleaning conundrums associated with those pesky clogs. The solution is called gutter guards. Let’s take a minute and discuss how they can help you.

Got Gutter Guards? If Not, Here’s Why You Should Consider Getting Some

Gutter guards are laid over the top of your gutters to stop debris such as leaves and twigs from building up inside your gutter system by acting as a filter. When gutters get backed up, it can cause a whole host of issues, such as:

  • Roof and Exterior Wall Damage-When water gets stopped up inside your gutters, it can pool and back up onto your roof, where it can cause leaks and allow mold to grow in your walls and insulation. The pools of water can also leak out of the gutters and into the fascia and soffit of your home where mold and mildew grow and also create discoloration and stains that are visible from the outside of your home.
  • Pest Infestations– Insects, rodents, birds, and even snakes might see your clogged gutter as a great place to build their homes. Once they have a home up there, they will breed, and suddenly you have an infestation. We don’t need to tell you that wouldn’t be pleasant.
  • Foundation Issues and Flooding– If the water in a clogged gutter starts to spill out over the side, it can pool near the foundation of your house. This can cause cracks in the foundation and flooding in your home. Those types of repairs are pricey.
  • Broken Gutters– If the weight of the clog gets heavy enough, it can cause sagging or separation from your roof. It can also mean rust and other corrosion could affect the integrity of your gutters, meaning you may need to repair them more often.

Getting gutter guards can be a real benefit to your home and your budget by helping you avoid costly repairs and other undesirable outcomes associated with having a clogged gutter system. We want to help you, too! If gutter guards sound like the right thing for your home, give us a call at, and we will get you set up.