Gutters 101: Enjoy Cool Days in the Fall

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Gutters 101: Enjoy Cool Days in the FallBy Kaj Nybom, Owner,

The gutters on your home need to be free from debris to work properly. They also need to be leaning so that the water is flowing down to the downspouts. When you look up to the gutters from below, it may look like they are fine, but an inspection of the gutters will be better. A lot of the time, homeowners find out the hard way, through foundation problems and costly repairs. Basements that take in water are many times a result of overflowing gutters.

A good way to avoid foundation problems or wood rot is to have the gutters checked for proper functionality by a gutter professional. If there are trees around the property, then gutter protection is to be considered. Watch out for high-pressure sales that don’t take “no” for an answer. Some homeowners are vulnerable to predatory sales tactics.

A typical sign of a predatory sales is when they start with a very high sales price and keep giving discounts until the homeowner accepts the price. And they end the sales pitch by saying something like, “You only get this price if you sign the contract right now.” An honest and fair company will give you the time to think and make you feel comfortable in the purchase, and you will have a haggle-free and no-pressure discussion.

Some gutter protection may be better than others, but a common theme with the better solutions is that they are closed systems to keep out debris, critters, birds’ nests and even snakes.

Have you ever found yourself misplaced despite all the efforts trying to blend in? Next time you clean your gutters, be careful– you might find a surprise up in the gutter…

Every year 300 people die from climbing a ladder, according to the CDC. 500,000 injuries are accounted to ladders. Ladder accidents can cause life-changing injuries. I would be very careful if your spouse urges you to clean the gutters instead of calling a professional, especially if you just had a fight… maybe she saw something crawling up the wall.

A professional company should not sell you anything that the house doesn’t need. The fall is coming, and there is still time to enjoy cooler days in your beautiful home with clog-free gutters and without worries.